Moving Forward - Happy New Year!

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How many times have we questioned "the process?"  Why am I working here? What purpose did this friendship/relationship serve?  Why did I spend my time on this person? What's the point of this (Etc..)? We have all been here before. The great thing is that with God there is no such thing as wasted time. He can and will use every experience, season, bad relationship, and hurt. It may not seem relevant now but that may just be the birthplace for your invention, ministry, book, and any many other great things. 
Mandy Hale said, "Just because you want it doesn't mean you need it. Learn to accept God's "no" with as much grace as His "yes." There really is grace, peace, and security in the "no's of God." Things didn't work out for you because God had greater concerning you. That doesn't mean that it was a bad thing, it just means that it wasn't your thing. That relationship, friendship, job, and hairstyle just wasn't for you and that's okay. As I mature, get older, and grow the more I want God's will for my life and what He has orchestrated instead of what "feel goods." If God is not in it then I don't want it. God loves us and is faithful to make His will known. If it doesn't seem right, settle in your stomach, give you peace, and brings you more pain then blessings then more than likely it is not for you. 
God does not desire for us to hold onto confusion, toxicity, hurt, unforgiveness, bitterness, strife, or manipulation. Not everything is meant to be a constant fight or battle. Whether it is a cookie, relationship, experience, or job that didn't work out... let it go! Don't get stuck in a place that you were only suppose to pass through. You will look back and see how every detail of your life played a part in something bigger. Ravi Zacharias said it best, "Every stage of the process may not look picturesque, but every detail will come into focus and possess its sharnre of beauty."

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  1. I totally agree with this, I think most people are guilty of holding onto things that weren't meant to be or holding onto the past when they should be looking towards the future. Glad I found your blog :)

    1. Yes, so true. May we all find the strength to look ahead to "better and what is for us." Thanks for reading, Carmella.