Welcome to my space. My name is Kelsie and I am a twenty-something beauty and lifestyle blogger. I am a follower of Christ and I believe it's more about a relationship than religion. When I am not walking down a makeup aisle checking out the newest eyeshadow palette, you can find me werking. I enjoy reading, ranting... I mean tweetingpeanut butter, good lighting, cooking, DIY projects, playing the guitar, and loving on the special people in my life.
I created this blog because the one thing I love more than anything is empowering women. I remember starting a blog in the past as a place to just share my thoughts. I was never really concerned if people read anything or not, but over time more and more people would message me saying that they could relate. Writing is relaxing to me and takes my mind off of the stresses of life. I recently started getting messages from women who wanted to know certain tips on makeup, how to use this brush, what's the best foundation for oily skin, and what is my favorite lipstick brand. I am not a professional makeup artist just an enthusiast with a love for all things beauty and lifestyle. So I decided to make my blog a little more official, by official I mean buying a domain, and go for it.

Kelsie Colette aims to provide real and honest in-depth reviews, share quality products at an affordable price, swatches for women of color (WOC), detailed tutorials, makeup tips that are beginner friendly, and keep you updated on the latest beauty news! My blog caters to any woman no matter what shade you are.

Whether I am showing you how to create a hot smokey eye with a glitter lip, sharing with you the hardest thing I've been through so far in my 20's, or giving you advice on how to stop wasting your time on the wrong people, my goal is to empower and inspire.

** All pictures used on Kelsie Colette are my own that I have taken. In the event I use another photo from somewhere else, I will credit them. Also, all products used for my reviews, tutorials, giveaways etc. have all been purchased with my own money.  In the event that something is sponsored or given to me to review, I will state that.